Meet the Team: Molly Anderson

It is safe to say that without Molly, there probably wouldn't be Andy.  Or maybe there would be, but it would be called Tiny Tim's Tasty Treats for Things with Tails, which is a brilliant, but horrible name for a small pet company. 

You may have already read about Molly over here, but this is a chance to get to know her a little bit more.  We think she's pretty great.

Molly Anderson, Social Media & Communications for Andy by Anderson Hay

molly anderson with andy by anderson hay products

What is your name?

Molly Anderson

Andy: Did you know your name anagrams to Drooly Lensman? 

What is your nickname?

Mol or Mo

Andy: We have questions: What does it take to move from Molly to Mol? Is Mo reserved for people have known you for more than 9 years? (Word on the street is that you'll never let a certain newbie ever call you "Molliopolis", is that true?)  Maybe we can call you Drooly, too?

How long have you been at Andy by Anderson Hay?

Well, let’s see… can I count from the day I was born? Or 10 years ago when I was old enough to work? Or when I decided there’s no better place to work about 5 years ago? Andy was a dream come true and I have loved every minute of working here.

Andy: If we are doing our math right, that is 42 years. That is amazing, Mols..

What is it you say you do here?

Talk to all my besties on Andy’s Social Media pages!

Andy: Yes, you do. And you are pretty instrumental in working with some influential humans on the internet. Also don't forget telling Jared what to do. That's pretty important, too.

What has been your favorite Andy moment so far?

Meeting all the amazing people who love their fur baby and love our sweet brand and products!

Andy: We have different definitions of "moment" being a singular thing; but we hear you - the love parade for fluffy animals is pretty incredible.

What is one thing your friends say about you that is not true?

They’d say I can speak in any room but little do they know I’m SO nervous.

Andy: Would it make you less nervous if you spoke into microphone on a semi-monthly basis for a potential new endeavor?  Just asking for a friend.

What is your Andy focused spirit animal?  Rabbit, Guinea Pig, Gerbil, Chinchilla, Hamster? Why?

I would say I’m a rabbit. A rabbit that has great hair, loves a good snack and loves to take naps and chill in the sunshine!

Andy: You just created a new book idea. Snacks and Naps with Mo Anderson. Part recipe book, part rabbit poetry. (the rabbits type the poems). After you eat, read the poem, you take a nap to "reflect".  Brilliant!

What wishes do you have for small pets around the world?

Can I say for everyone to be our best friend? And join the Andy Family?

Andy: You can say that. Best is tough to come by, though. Maybe "betterest friend"? Just something to consider.

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