Meet the Team: Mario Gonzalez

Amazing. Awesome. Cheery. Helpful. Quilter.
These are just some of the words to describe one of the most essential teammates at Andy.  Among the plethora of tasks Mario takes on, ensuring that the Andy warehouse is in top shape so that packaging hay, pellets and bedding happens in the best possible environment is his specialty.  Or maybe it is willingness and charm.  Either way, we are excited for you to meet Mario.

Mario Gonzalez, Production Swiss Army Knife

mario gonzales at andy

What is your name?

Mario Gonzalez

Andy: You share the same initials as Melissa Gilbert, who starred in the greatest show of all time. We don't even need to name the show, it is that famous.

What is your nickname?

Super Mario

Andy: This is perfect. Hold on. "da-dut, dut, da-dut dut. dut" That is how you spell part of theme song right, Mario? RIGHT!?

How long have you been at Andy by Anderson Hay?

5 years and counting.

Andy: You have been here longer than us? How is that possible? Oh, right, time machine. You invented the first hot tub time machine. 

What is it you say you do here?

I am like a Swiss army knife, I do a little bit of everything, but mostly Andy production.

Andy: Are you the Swiss army knife with the fork and spoon attached to it, or the Swiss army knife with those tweezers that always seem to get lost after 3 days of ownership because a younger sibling keeps chucking it in the dirt?  In any case, we would be lost without your efforts. Maybe you are a compass too?

What has been your favorite Andy moment so far?

All of Molly's TikToks.

Andy: Those are some of our faves, too. If we're not mistaken, this is you, is it not?

What is one thing your friends say about you that is not true?

My friends think I am from the Dominican Republic, but I am actually from Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Andy: It's no wonder you are always wearing a coat. Maybe we'll get you a mug with that saying on it.  That will stop them! (Plus, it will warm you up, because it's cold up here.)

What is your Andy focused spirit animal?  Rabbit, Guinea Pig, Gerbil, Chinchilla, Hamster? Why?

A Chinchilla is my Andy spirit animal because they seem nice and furry.

Andy: Makes sense. You are nice and furry. Seriously, you are super kind, and you wear facial hair better than most.

What wishes do you have for small pets around the world?

That all small pets have full bellies of Andy Hay and Grains!

Andy: Just to be clear everyone. We totally did not ask Mario to say that. He arrived at this wish all on his own. 

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