Meet the Team - Sally Kraft

Kind and genuine with a killer design sense. That is Sally. She is super helpful, considerate of others and has a wonderful perspective that rounds out the Andy team. All those cute Andy stickers?  Sally made it happen, with our great friends and online sticker printers​ over at Sticker Mule. Like having a sticker store in your back pocket.


Sally Kraft, Marketing Specialist

Sally Kraft

What is your name?

Sally Kraft

Andy: Salty Frak, Flaky Star.  You have the best letters for anagramming. (Yes, we are reusing jokes from previous meet the team posts. No, Molly did not approve this, but we did it anyway. Shhh. Don't tell her.)

What is your nickname?

Sal, Sal Gal, Sal Gal my Pal for life

Andy: But did you ever actually sell seashells, you know, at the seashore?

How long have you been at Andy by Anderson Hay?

5 years

Andy: Do you know what didn't exist 5 years ago? 3d printed homes, Starlink, Hug Tunnels.  This is the most surprising, because if there is one person who would have invented hug tunnels, it is you Sally.

What is it you say you do here?

Administrative Manager and Marketing Specialist

Andy: SALLY! How about interior designer, gear creator, pop-up organizer, making-new-people-feel-welcome-facilitator?  You do so much behind the scenes that is never seen, but we see you,Sal! We see you.

What has been your favorite Andy moment so far?

I love to see people get excited to use or wear all the fun Andy Gear!

Andy: Selfishly, we would love to see more people wearing Andy gear. Hmm. I wonder what we should do about that? 

What is one thing your friends say about you that is not true?

That I keep an immaculate kitchen. People are always surprised to find out that I leave dirty dishes in my sink for a day, or two, or three…I live alone so I can get away with it!

Andy: One or two days is understandable, unlike a certain roommate who left an entire 12-layer bean dip pan "soak" for two weeks, because that is more efficient. It's not more efficient, Trevor. It's just not!

What is your Andy focused spirit animal?  Rabbit, Guinea Pig, Gerbil, Chinchilla, Hamster? Why?

Oh I am definitely a guinea pig that loves to popcorn, purr and play all day in a big pile of Andy Hay! But when I’m tired, you’ll find me snuggled up in a warm blanket with my favorite human.

Andy: Is there anything better than 1/2 cup of butter on salty popcorn? Yes, there are three things better - Timothy Hay, Alfalfa Hay, and Timothy Hay Pellets. Oh wait, you meant "to popcorn" not "to eat popcorn".

What wishes do you have for small pets around the world?

I wish all small pets could have a human bestie to love and adore them.

Andy: We are glad you didn't wish that small pets would replace ice cream. It's hard to imagine a world without both.

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