Meet the Team : Brandy Grahn

If perception is reality and reality is perception, then Brandy is definitely a genuine and kindhearted human no matter which way you spin it. Helpful, smart and caring, we are lucky to consider her a teammate, which is why we would like to make sure our Andy pals get to know her a bit.

Brandy Grahn, WA Operations Asst. Manager

Brandy Grahn from Anderson Hay & Grain

What is your name?

Brandy Grahn

Andy: We love this name so much. BrANDY, is the perfect name. Almost.

What is your nickname?

I don’t really have one now, but growing up everyone called me “Yogurt” as my maiden name was too hard to pronounce but is spelled similar to Yogurt.

Andy: Nogurt? Dogurt? Gogurt? Yumm. Gogurt is delicious and convenient. What are we talking about? Oh, right, nicknames.  Are you good with "Noosa Dannon"?

How long have you been at Andy by Anderson Hay?

I started with Anderson Hay in November of 2021 so before Andy was public!

Andy: We are fairly sure the world didn't exist before June 2022. 

What is it you say you do here?

I am the WA Operations Assistant Manager

Andy: That title doesn't really capture the doing part, which if we have it right includes coordinating all of the packaging ins and outs, inventory, and making sure Mario and Molly aren't making too many TikToks.

What has been your favorite Andy moment so far?

My favorite Andy moment was our open house, we gave tours, had games, prizes, giveaways, and there were even a few bunnies to snuggle. I love seeing how excited all of our staff and employees are about Andy, it's contagious!

Andy: You forgot the time when someone dared you to double-dutch on a bale of hay while balancing a plate of oatmeal raisin cookies. Okay, maybe that didn't happen, but...can it happen?  Also, yes, that open house was pretty grand.

What is one thing your friends say about you that is not true?

That’s a tough one! I am not exactly sure! Hopefully what my friends say about me is all true 😊

Andy: Clever. This is an answer without actually answering the question. Well, we would say Brandy "never avoids answering questions designed to reveal a little gem about themselves".  We're friends right?...riiiiiiight?

What is your Andy focused spirit animal?  Rabbit, Guinea Pig, Gerbil, Chinchilla, Hamster? Why?

Growing up I had a guinea pig named Pockets and every time we opened the fridge he would squeak knowing that he was getting some yummy greens and treats. Therefore, I believe my Andy spirit animal is Pockets… I love snacks!

Andy: Pockets! We wanted to write something witty here, but Pockets is the cutest name.  We revise our previous nickname, you are now "Noosa 'Pockets' Dannon"

What wishes do you have for small pets around the world?

That all small pets have a nice warm bed, full bellies (of Andy hay of course), and lots of snuggles!

Andy: BrANDY - you are the besterest! Thanks for sharing a bit of you with the world.

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