Andy: From Our Farms to Your Door

There’s a change happening in the way we feed our pets. A return to the simpler. Closer to nature, and closer to wild. There, fresh from the source, is Andy by Anderson Hay: certified organic and small batch forage for rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas, and other small pets.

Andy is nature at its finest. Still pure. Still real.

And intended to provide. Around here, we believe that there’s nothing more natural than our desire to nourish those we care about with the best we can give. That’s why our heritage-rich hay was created with the intention to meet the highest standards. Yours.

About Us

Our Team

Learn more about Andy, our guiding principles and the amazing team that makes it all happen.

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Our Global Roots

Our roots run deep at Andy! Learn more about Anderson Hay & Grain, the family history behind the company and how we were inspired to create Andy.

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Go Organic

We offer some of the only USDA certified Timothy hay available for small pets. Find out why organic is better for you, your pet and the earth.

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We invite you to try our
honest-to-goodness hay,
made the way nature intended.

From Farm to Feeder

Our incredibly good-natured hay is grown on family-owned farms in the rolling hills of the Pacific Northwest. Our all natural, sun-cured Timothy and alfalfa hay are both hand selected for freshness in each box. Our organic Timothy hay is the only USDA certified Timothy on the market that's grown just for your small pet.

Andy makes it easy to give the pets you love a taste of the farm fresh life, no matter where you are. Inside every package of Andy, you'll discover goodness your pets can taste, smell and enjoy. Because that's what it means to be fresh from the farm, naturally.

That's Andy.


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