Small Biz Shoutout: Organic Bun Bakery

Sometimes our hearts melt a little when we learn about humans doing exciting things for our small pet friends. We had a chance to connect with small business owner, Hailey, to talk about their approach to making high quality small pet treats for our fuzzy faves. Have a read and be sure to follow them on Instagram and check out their Etsy shop.

organic bunny bakery

Andy: Your Etsy store is beautiful, how did you come up with the name, when did you launch, tell us all the deets.

OBB: So our shop was actually named Bonbons Bakery before! Then we eventually got another bun, Roo. So we wanted something that just fits us better and what we make, so we decided Organicbunbakery! We officially rebranded on august 4, 2022.

Andy: How did you discover you had a talent for making these small pet treats?

OBB: So the first time I made our first ever treats was January, 2022! I was experimenting on the best way to make homemade rabbit treats. Since then we have definitely improved our ways!

Andy: Do you take your own product photos?

OBB: Yes! We take our own product photos at home with just my phone camera! In the beginning we started off with lots of background props but then we switched to just white! We wanted something that can really make our products stand out.

bonbon eating organic bunny treat
tasty rabbit treat
homemade rabbit treats
delicious rabbit treat etsy

Andy: Where do you get your inspiration for new product ideas?

OBB: I get a lot of my inspiration from my own two bunnies, Bonbon and Roo! Seeing what they like and don’t like really helps to put together treats, toys, forages etc. I also get inspiration from other Etsy shops!

Andy: What is your favorite recipe you like making?

OBB: Our favorite treat to make is probably our original butterflies, I just love all the unique, bright colors! And they are truly fun to make and package!


Andy: What is your most popular product?

OBB: Our most popular product is probably our Timothy hay rings! They come in 3 delicious flavors and many bunnies go crazy for them!



Andy: Have you eaten any of these treats, because the organic valentine love bunnies look delicious.

OBB: I actually have tried one of the treats! 🤣
I get tempted when they look so delicious!


rabbit valentine's treats


Andy: Are the palm leaf bowls edible? Could we put some oatmeal and granola on it and just eat the whole thing?



OBB: Haha this one made me laugh! No the palm leaf bowls are not edible! Only for bunnies/small pet consumption!


Andy: How do you source your ingredients?

OBB: We get our ingredients from Whole Foods stores. Everything in our products are made with organic ingredients! We do not use any dyes, powders, artificial flavors or colors. Every treat is made with as little as 2-3 ingredients!

Andy: Why does organic matter to you?

OBB: Organic matters to us because pet stores use harmful ingredients in their treats and chews. Many treats contain unnecessary ingredients and are very unhealthy. And many chews and toys contain artificial colors and dyes. So that’s why we started our shop! To make sure small pets are getting high quality, organic safe treats and toys!


Andy: Okay, last question: if we tried to make those organic dragonfruit butterflies at home ourselves, what advice would you give us?

organic dragon fruit rabbit treats


OBB: The biggest tip when making treats is you want to make sure you use fresh ingredients! And make sure you always blend the ingredients really well 😉

Organic Bun Bakery
San Antonio, TX

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Through Andy’s social media, Molly brings her heart for high-quality hay and an authentic passion to create a real community that celebrates everyday people and their pets.

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