Natural Timothy Hay 1st Cutting Andy-Pak® Feeder Boxes

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Our Timothy hay is furry-friend approved! Strike just the right nutritional balance with grass hay that’s high in fiber, low in protein and grown in the rolling green fields of the Pacific Northwest. Known for ideal weather conditions, Andy hay hails from a climate that produces a taste-it-to-believe-it level of quality forage. Its high fiber content is crucial to your pet’s health, enabling a healthy digestive system while helping bunnies, guinea pigs, and other small animals wear down their teeth the natural way. To keep your pet happy and healthy, it’s important to always provide access to fresh hay. And you won’t find it fresher than Andy’s – the crème of the crop among small pets everywhere.

As a first cutting, this batch offers a coarser texture containing thicker stems and more Timothy seed heads. It also boasts a unique nutritional makeup that’s high in fiber, while being lower in protein and fat content compared to second and third cuttings. That way, if your pet is a snacker (and honestly, who isn’t?), they can enjoy to their heart’s content without the worry of overindulging. Bon appétit!

Our Andy-Pak™ feeder boxes are convenient and mess-free, simply open the box and place it in your animal’s feeding area or hang it from their cage with the hooks (included). The hands-free setup makes it an ideal solution for people with hay allergies, too. As an added benefit, let your pet chew on the box to encourage natural chewing habits – it’s totally safe!

Key Benefits

  • All natural, sun-cured Timothy hay is grown & packaged in the USA
  • Premium, hand-selected bales from our farms for less chaff and dust
  • Andy-Pak™ feeder box encourages natural chewing habits
  • Mess-free solution for owners with hay allergies
  • Made without additives or preservatives
  • Each Andy-Pak has 1.5 - 2lbs of hay
  • Includes two hooks to hang the Andy-Paks®


We recommend this product for:

Rabbits Guinea Pigs Hamsters Chinchillas

Natural Timothy Hay. Our hay is grown naturally and sun-cured for freshness.

Tear the perforated edge from the one and a half pound box and place the box directly in cage. Your small pet should have unlimited access to fresh hay at all times, in addition to a regular diet. Added bonus: the box is safe for your pet to nibble on and play with to encourage healthy chewing habits!

  • Crude Protein (min): 10%
  • Crude Fat (min): 2%
  • Crude Fiber (max): 34%
  • Moisture (max): 12%
  • Calcium (min): 0.25%

Store in a cool, dry place for freshness.

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