Why Double Compressed Hay is Better Most of the Time.

When 2 is better than 1.

This week, We Will Talk About Why Double Compressed Hay is Two Times Better. We don’t know why we capitalized all the words in that last sentence.

As you recall from our previous post – you do recall this right? When hay is ready to move from farm to barn, it needs to be baled. Depending on the size, 3-tie or large bales go through the baling magic machines, compressing the hay into great looking rectangular cubes.

At Anderson Hay and Andy, we don’t stop there.

While we do keep single compressed hay on hand and deliver it our customers, most of the top 1% of hay in the USA (this might sound like a humblebrag, but it really is just a reflection of our commitment to quality) we grow and gather is put  through our double compression process.

What is Double Compressed Hay?

Double compressing hay is a process that involves giving a regular hay bale a big hug, until it becomes a smaller and cuter version of itself. That is technical jargon; we didn’t make that up, pinky-swear. This makes the hay more compact, easier to transport, and longer lasting.

Here is a sketch made by Dall-E, not to be confused with Wall-E.
sketched rendering of hay transforming from a loose pile to a double compressed stack

Some of the benefits of double compressed hay are:
  • It can save money and space. Double compressed hay bales are cheaper than regular hay bales because they weigh less and take up less room. You can fit more hay in the barn or trailer and reduce the number of trips to a feed store. You can also save on shipping costs, especially if you buy hay from far away. That’s what we call a win-win-win situation. Or a hay-hay-hay situation, if you prefer.
  • It can improve the quality and freshness of your hay. Double compressed hay bales are often wrapped in plastic or packaging, which protects them from dust, insects, mold, and moisture. This helps to preserve the color, flavor, aroma, and nutritional value of the hay. Double compressed hay also has less leaf loss and waste than regular hay, which means more forage for your animals. That’s like getting two bales for the price of one. Or a bale and a half, if you’re good at math.
  • It can benefit your animals’ health and well-being. Double compressed hay is easier to chew and digest than regular hay, which can prevent choking, colic, and other digestive problems. Double compressed hay also has less dust and allergens than regular hay, which can reduce respiratory issues and allergies. Double compressed hay can also help your animals maintain a healthy weight and body condition by providing them with consistent and balanced forage. That’s like giving your animals a spa treatment every day.

Here is an example of an Ander-Pak® big bale opened up to show how the double compression makes it easier to provide flakes of hay for feeding animals. It might look like someone was in hurry, thinking their wedding ring was dropped in the bale, and they were in a rush to find it because it would be the 4th time this week that it was lost, and oh boy, would they be in trouble.... but that is definitely not what happened.

example of double compressed hay in flakes intended to show how compression looks

At Andy, the 7lb and 15lb boxes of Timothy Hay and Alfalfa Hay were specifically designed to fit precise slices of the larger double compressed hay (see flakes above) into them without disturbing the quality.

The 1.5lb Andy-Pak® feeder is a convenient and eco-friendly option that consists of a cardboard box filled with carefully placed double compressed hay. It has a perforated lid that can be used as a feeder. It is easy to store and feed and reduces waste and mess. We invented this option to make your life easier and your pet happier.

Double compressing hay is a smart and convenient way to feed your animals with high-quality forage. It can help you save money, space, and time, while keeping your hay fresh and nutritious. It can also improve your animals’ health and happiness by providing them with delicious and easy-to-eat hay. If you want to make double compressed hay for yourself, you can try to squeezing the hay with your bare hand, but chances are you will get a cramp. 

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