The Adventures of Andy & Friends

Every now and then, an idea pops into your idea thinking space that you just can't get let go of, no matter how much you try.  When I was first introduced to Andy, I was immediately struck by how beautiful the brand was. I loved the colors, I loved the cute little ears, and that bunny?...forget about it.  The great thing was the brand was outmatched by the quality of the products and even more so by the people who make these products happen. See the series of meet the team posts, if you haven't had a chance to check them out.  

Ideas, however, are fairly useless by themselves. Execution of an idea is what really counts. We know, we know, this isn't LinkedIn and we're not here to provide you with the top tips to turn ideas into gold.  The point is, it takes amazing people to get things done.  In this particular case, we are talking about our superb and talented graphic designer, Ali.

While the world has blown past the singularity point of generative art and words, nothing quite beats the vision and illustrations of a real artist. 

So, when we asked Ali to help us develop a cast of characters for a new series called the Adventures of Andy & Friends, she was all in. 

Over the next year, this bandit of cuddly heroes will explore the world, perhaps travel in time, and highlight all areas of hay, farming, small pets and even showcase behind the scenes from a cartoon's point of view.

We don't necessarily know exactly where the adventures will take us, but we do know just pursuing them is half of the fun.  We hope you enjoy our first of, theoretically, many Adventures of Andy & Friends experiences.  

As always, please share your feedback with us.  We'd love to hear it.

The Adventures of Andy & Friends Comic Earth Day

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