Interesting Facts about Rabbits

Rabbits are fascinating creatures that have captured our imaginations for centuries. From their soft fur and adorable faces to their energetic personalities, rabbits have a way of bringing joy and happiness into our lives. These small mammals have become beloved pets, and their antics and quirky behavior have earned them a special place in our hearts.

Especially when they eat their hay like this:   

Eating supersoft timothy hay from Andy by Anderson Hay

Is that rabbit, actually smiling? Amazing.
Photo courtesy of @the_lebowski_buns

There are quite a few well-known facts about rabbits, for example:

  • Rabbits are small mammals with long ears, short tails, and soft fur.
  • They are herbivores, and their diet consists mainly of grass, hay, and vegetables.
  • Rabbits are social animals and live in groups called colonies or warrens.
  • They have a breeding cycle of around 30 days and can produce up to 12 offspring in one litter.
  • Rabbits are prey animals and have evolved to be very fast runners and excellent burrowers.
  • Their vision is panoramic, allowing them to see nearly 360 degrees around them, but they are nearsighted and can't see well at long distances.
  • Domestic rabbits can make excellent pets and are often kept indoors as house rabbits. (You already know this)
  • They are also known for their ability to jump, with some species capable of jumping up to 3 meters in a single leap.

We could keep going, but that is not the point of this article. No. Instead, we want to talk about 5 REALLY COOL facts about rabbits that you probably have observed but might not know what that action is all about.  Or maybe you do, and this is just a refresher.  Either way, we thought the best way to capture these quirky traits is with some incredible illustrations made by our resident designer, Ali. So, without further ado, here are:

5 interesting rabbit quirks you should know.

Rabbits Thumping

1. Rabbits communicate through thumping

There are several reasons why your buns thump. Sometimes it is to protect their territory while other times it is to show excitement.  They use thumping to communicate to their peers to warn of danger. They'll even thump just because they are a little bored and want some attention. 

Rabbits smell with their mouth

2. Rabbits smell with their mouths.

Did you know that rabbits smell with their mouth? Yes, you read that right! They use their front teeth to grab and sniff their surroundings. It's like they're constantly tasting the air like a chef trying to figure out what's missing in their dish. I guess you could say rabbits are the Gordon Ramsays of the animal kingdom, always on the hunt for the perfect aroma.

The discovery that rabbits smell with their mouth is attributed to a scientist named Karl von Frisch, who observed this behavior while studying rabbit communication in the 1960s. Frisch noticed that rabbits would lift their lips and expose their front teeth while investigating their environment, and he realized that they were actually using their teeth to gather scents. This groundbreaking observation helped expand our understanding of animal behavior and communication, and it's just one of many fascinating discoveries that have been made through scientific research.

Bunny Binkying

3. Rabbits 'binky' when they're excited!

Binkying is a term used to describe the energetic and joyful leaps that rabbits sometimes do, often accompanied by twists and kicks mid-air. It's basically a bunny's way of expressing pure happiness and excitement! Binkying is thought to be a natural behavior that rabbits engage in when they are feeling playful and comfortable in their environment.

As for the origin of the name "binky", it's not entirely clear who first came up with the term. It's possible that it comes from the word "bouncing", which is certainly an apt description of the way that rabbits move during a binky. Alternatively, some people believe that "binky" may have been derived from the word "blink", since rabbits often blink their eyes rapidly during a binky as a sign of contentment. Whatever its origins may be, "binky" is now widely used among rabbit enthusiasts as a fun and affectionate term for this delightful bunny behavior.

rabbits have a great sense of direction

4. Bunnies have great sense of direction

Bunnies have an incredible sense of direction that allows them to navigate their surroundings with ease. They are able to use cues from the sun, the earth's magnetic field, and landmarks in their environment to orient themselves and find their way around. This is particularly useful for wild rabbits, who need to be able to navigate their territory in search of food, water, and shelter. Domestic rabbits may also use their sense of direction to explore their homes and find their favorite hiding spots or toys.  

5. Licking is how bunnies show affection.

Rabbits show affection by licking each other. It not only helps groom but deepens their bond. Can you imagine walking up to your human best friend, and just licking them. It is kind of funny to think about, but we should probably let the professional rabbits do that instead.

So, there you go, 5 quirky rabbit traits that hopefully give you a little more insight and wonder about these beautiful little buns.

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