Alfalfa Hay Andy-Pak® Sample

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Young, pregnant and nursing small pets everywhere rate our natural alfalfa hay “two ears up”, and with a blend high in protein, fat and calcium, it’s plain to see why! Our legume hay is ideal for young rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas and other small animals under 6 months, and it’s packed with ingredients they love and the nutrients and calories they need to grow. 

Our farm-to-forage alfalfa hay comes straight from the rolling green fields of the Pacific Northwest, whose perfectly mild conditions yield premium alfalfa. The result: high-quality hay minus the chaff and dust that nobody wants. 

Because your small pet will have to taste it to believe it, our single boxes are ideal for pet parents who want to test our honest-to-goodness alfalfa hay for rabbits and other baby pets before going full-size. You’ll love our reclosable box that’s less messy and easy to store, or just hang it from the side of the habitat. 

Tip: If you’re looking for rabbit or guinea pig food for your fully grown pet, alfalfa hay is not it, but in small quantities it can be given as treats on its own or mixed with our natural Timothy hay. Our Timothy hay first and second cut hay have all the goodness your adult animal needs. 

Key Benefits 

  • 100% natural, sun-cured alfalfa hay 
  • Only the best hay from our farms makes the cut 
  • Full of nutrients for growing or pregnant pets 
  • Grown & packaged in the USA
  • Contains (1) 1.5 lb box of hay
  • Included: two hooks to hang your Andy-Pak®


We recommend this product for:

Rabbits Guinea Pigs Hamsters Chinchillas

Natural Alfalfa Hay

Offer unlimited amount of alfalfa hay to young (6 months and younger), pregnant or nursing small animals in addition to a regular diet. Alfalfa can also be offered in small amounts to adult rabbits or guinea pigs as a treat. Alfalfa can be given loose or may be placed in a feeder, and  can also be mixed with Timothy Hay.

  • Crude Protein (min): 20%
  • Crude Fat (min): 2%
  • Crude Fiber (max): 28%
  • Moisture (max): 12%
  • Calcium (min): 1.25%

Store in a cool, dry place for freshness.

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