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Your small pet needs to eat, and Andy can deliver farm-fresh products directly to your doorstep. Never worry about running out of your favorite hay and pet products for your furry pal when you sign up for our subscription service. Customize the timing of your orders based on your pets needs so that you always get your order right on time, every time.


Why Subscribe?

It's Easy

Never worry about having to run to the pet store to pick up feed your pet doesn't like. Get your pet supplies delivered right to your door.

You Save

You'll save money each month on the pet supplies you already need. We have additional ways to save (check our loyalty program!)

Change Any Time

Update your subscription at any time, from getting it more (or less) often, changing products, or cancelling - you're always in control.


How does Subscribe & Save work?

On our product page, you can select the subscription option, select how often you would like to receive your product, and that's it! Your Andy products will show up on your doorstep at just the right time.

You can change the delivery frequency or cancel your membership at any time.


How much will I save?

You’ll save 10% off your first subscription order and 5% on each additional order. You’ll also get free shipping on any order over $45. Plus, earn loyalty points when you join the Andy Family to save on future orders! 


How often will I get my order?

Select based on your pets needs, from once every two weeks to once every three months. You’ll get nature’s freshest hay delivered to your home at just the right time. If you find out that the timing isn’t right, you can always adjust the frequency of your subscription. 


When will my credit card get charged?

Your credit card will be charged immediately on your first order, and three days prior to shipping each order after that.


Can I cancel my subscription?

Yes, you can cancel any time. There are no contracts or minimums, so feel free to pause, update the timing for your next order, or cancel any time - no strings attached.  


From Farm to Feeder

Our incredibly good-natured hay is grown on family-owned farms in the rolling hills of the Pacific Northwest. Our all natural, sun-cured Timothy and alfalfa hay are both hand selected for freshness in each box. Our organic Timothy hay is the only USDA certified Timothy on the market that's grown just for your small pet.

Andy makes it easy to give the pets you love a taste of the farm fresh life, no matter where you are. Inside every package of Andy, you'll discover goodness your pets can taste, smell and enjoy. Because that's what it means to be fresh from the farm, naturally.

That's Andy.


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