New Year, ReNEWed You

What an incredible year it has been!


I can’t wait for 2022 to be over!

Those are phrases we have heard and are likely familiar to most of you. While the wildness of 2022 is behind us, at Andy, we are incredibly grateful for what 2022 has provided. 

We have connected with thousands of rabbit, guinea pig, and chinchilla owners across the United States and beyond; we have learned about the great lengths our customers will go to support and care for their furry family members; we have been humbled by the overwhelmingly positive feedback on the products that we launched this year; and perhaps, most importantly, we have been given an opportunity to be part of your small pet family’s nutritional well-being. 

While 2022 has been incredible, we are super energized about 2023; More products that help you care for your pets. Better newsletters that keep you informed and smiling. Events. Giveaways. Just more fun.

But this post isn’t about the 2023 Andy roadmap. It is about finding ways to keep the yearlong goals, viable.

It is estimated that ~70% of New Year resolutions goals are abandoned within one month. And 9% of those who make resolutions, maintained them through the year.  While there are several well researched sources on how to create new habits, we wanted to provide you with a few tips and tricks the Andy team uses for long term self-improvement.

We don’t believe in a NEW you, but a renewed you, because you are already enough.  Here are some tips and insight from a few members of the Andy team.

3 Insights from Molly, Social Media & Communication Manager

    1. Learn something new every day. It’s okay not to have everything figured out or know everything. There’s a world of information and resources available to us at the click of a button. Don't be afraid to pursue knowledge that interests you. Through learning, we grow, and through growth, we’re more likely to succeed.
    2. An important part of success in life is having enough energy to do the things you need to do. Regular exercise can boost your mood and prevent many conditions that drain your energy. Feeling your best is an important part of doing your best... Make your personal goals a priority in the new year by re-energizing yourself.
    3. There will be times in life when you must speak up for yourself. It isn't always easy for us to defend ourselves. As a result of speaking up, you are more visible to people, some of whom may be able to provide you with great opportunities.

3 Goals from Sally, Marketing Coordinator

    1. Think about developing a personal mission statement. I plan on doing this for the first time this year.
    2. I like to start each new year with a special word that will guide my decisions, both personal and professional. This year my word is Margin – I will pray and meditate over the word and journal the results.
    3. Embrace each day for what it brings and trust that nothing happens by chance. Life is one big, beautiful tapestry.

3 Insights from Steve, CFO

    1. Rather than striving for perfection just try to be better today than you were yesterday. You will be less frustrated and will actually achieve much better results over time.
    2. Turn the news off and experience your little space in the world.
    3. Remember life goes by fast and try to find something beautiful, something fun, something challenging and something or someone to love each day.

3 Clever Insights from Brandy, Production Manager

    1. If “saving money” is on your list for 2023, be more specific! Say you want to have $5,000 in an extra savings account by 12/31/2023, then break it down even further. That is $96.15 per week. Seems easy, right? Well let's say you purchase a coffee from your favorite coffee stand 4 days a week, that is easily $30 or more. Instead of purchasing coffee, purchase a coffee maker and make your favorite drink at home. You will be surprised how quickly that extra $30 each week adds up!
    2. Do something at least once a day that makes YOU happy! It could be as simple as snuggling with your favorite furry animal or sitting in your comfy chair for twenty minutes. Soak in the “YOU” time. Studies show that the happier you are, the more successful you are!
    3. If you have a resolution that you start but happen to miss a week or two, give yourself some grace, don’t give up! Start back up again like you never missed a beat. We all get busy and change is hard, but the great thing is no one is keeping track of your resolution but YOU!

3 Suggestions from Jared, Director of Marketing

    1. You can’t make a resolution without a revelation. Spend the time genuinely reflecting on your habits and routines that you actually do (vs. what you think you do) and see how they line up with you want to be doing.  Identify what really matters at a deeper level.  “I want to eat healthier so I look good vs I want to eat healthier so I can be active with my great grand children in 40 years”
    2. The biggest indicator of tomorrow’s success is what you do today. That sounds like a silly fortune cookie, but the reality is, if you want to be a competent piano player, you have to practice daily, not weekly or occasionally.  Nir Eyal has some good advice on time boxing if that is your thing.  Ultimately, it is about taking big goals and reducing them to daily repeatable tasks. Want to run a 2-hour half marathon in 6 months? Run consistently 4-6 days a week following a plan and you’ll be surprised by the fitness and ease in which you can run that race when the day comes. 
    3. Do 3 things by noon. I implemented this 2 years ago. While not 100% achieved, it helped dramatically improve my productivity and impact. Pick 3 things that you want to get done by noon. I chose 1 action for work, 1 action for family/community and 1 action for myself. The best part about this is that if you find yourself wondering at the end of the day, "What did I actually do today?" - you will have at least accomplished 3 things, big or small.  And that is usually enough motivation to keep the momentum going.

3 Tips from Kristina, General Manager

    1. Be intentional. It’s so easy to get distracted as we go about our day. Set the top three items you would like to have done by 3:00 to keep you on track, whether it’s personal goals or for work. What’s one big item for the week? Look out 3 months from now, what would like you to accomplish? Write down your goals & check back to see how you’re doing.
    2. Be present. Put your phone down! As a society we’ve gotten into the horrible habit of being face down on our phone, even when we’re hanging out with friends, family and co-workers. Life is happening in front of you, not on your screen. Make it a practice to put your phone aside during meals. Take a break from social media. Schedule more face-to-face time with friends.
    3. Slow down. Sometimes it feels like we’re all running a marathon, and the pace can get exhausting. It’s important to take some time out each day to energize yourself, whether that looks like meditation, yoga, going for a walk, or losing yourself in a book for 20 minutes. Remember, it’s important to pace yourself so that you have the energy for a final push to get yourself over the finish line.
    4. Bonus Tip: Make your bed every morning. It sounds so simple, but this will give you your first sense of accomplishment for the day (especially if you love checking items off your to-do list like I do!). Plus, it’ll just make you feel better each time you walk by your room and it makes your bedtime routine easier. This is an easy one to add to your list – it's one of those habits that you won’t even think about after a while!

Whatever goals you set for yourself; we hope that you are wildly successful at achieving them.

new year, new you


Download the Checklist

And those that love lists and daily goal setting, here is a downloadable and printable PDF (right click, save target as) you can use to help carry your goals and actions past that February milestone.

new year checklist

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