A small pet gift guide for new owners

There is almost nothing more exciting than bringing home the most adorable little guinea pig for the first time. Whether it is a rescued bunny or a rehomed guinea pig, the exhilaration and (perhaps uncertainty) of caring for these new furry family members can be equally exhilarating and daunting. 

We wrote some other posts on caring for bunnies, caring for chinchillas and caring for guinea pigs if you (or the person you gifted a new small pet to) need a little primer. This post is a small pet select list of gifts for the new little buddy in your home.

List of Small Pet Gifts for New Owners
While nothing will replace the love and care you will provide, here are 5 gift ideas for new small pet owners that will make life a little smoother and enjoyable for all involved.

Small Pet Gift #1: A modular playpen.

Depending on the animal the amount of room and accommodation needed will change.  The goal of these enclosure is to keep your small pet safe, while maintaining a level of comfort and not too cramped. 

Playpen for Bunnies
modular, metal playpen will allow your bunnies to be inside or outside and still be safe. Remember this isn't a permanent habitat, but one that allows your buns to run around while keeping them protected from the elements or your roomba.  And at $39.00 it is an affordable and very functional gift.

Playpen for Chinchillas
The same thing as above, but in smaller dimensions that are more appropriate for your friendly Chinchi's.  

Playpen for Guinea Pigs
Having a removable bottom built into the playpen makes this a near ideal solution for your guinea because it can almost anywhere, and it is easier to clean.

Small Pet Gift #2: Bedding.

Once you have figured out the enclosure, bedding is another important and ongoing need to ensure comfort and, quite frankly odor control for the household.  There are typically two approaches: shavings or pellets. Both have their pros and cons; depending on the animal, you might favor one of the other.

Coincidentally, we offer pellet bedding and (very, very soon) will have shavings. 

Andy pro-tip: the longer the hair the more likely you'll prefer bedding pellets.

Small Pet Gift #3: Watering/Feeding Bowls.

Water is the source of all life. Or at least that’s what we think; while humans can get away with drinking less water than they should, our small pets need access to fresh, clean drinking water all the time.  Again, based on your set up, there is a wide range of options of watering options.  Any of these would make a useful gift. 

Andy pro-tip: Non-tippable, ceramic bowls are longer lasting, more durable and won't get chewed on by your buns. 

Small Pet Gift #4: Hay!!

Hay! We know, we’re quite biased on this one, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a great gift, does it?  Your small pets will need access to fresh hay all the time. (See this article).  For bunnies under 6 months, alfalfa hay is more appropriate.

Whether it is our USDA Certified Organic Hay in 15lb boxes, or first cutting 9lb feeder boxes, the gift of hay helps feed and sustain these small animals.    

Did your friend just get a new guinea pig? Give them a monthly hay subscription, delivered directly to their door to save them time, money and hassle of hauling hay up those three flights of stairs.

andy by anderson hay products for small pets

Small Pet Gift #5: Toys!

We all like to play. Just look at that yoga mat and pickleball paddle in the corner.  Rabbits, guinea pigs and chinchillas love to move, bat things around and chew on things.  There are so many options in this category so we chose just a few that caught our eye that would make great gifts.

Bonus Pet Gift: DIY Pet Treats

Do you love to cook?  We do. The gift of homemade goods and treats is super heartwarming and shows just how much you care. Head on over to this post and explore 3 of our favorite, super easy diy small pet treat recipes.

What an exciting time to be a new pet owner or to know a new small pet owner.  Whatever you decide to give, we are certain the pet and the owner will be thankful for your thoughtfulness and care.

diy rabbit treats from andy by anderson hay

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