8 Easy Ways to Love Your Pet

All we need is love, and that goes for your fur babies too! Sure, you know how much you love your pets - but how do you show them how much you care? To express your love and appreciation for your pet, you must create tangible moments and experiences for your bunnies, guinea pigs, hamsters, and other small pets. Whether it be through cozy cuddles or proper care, there are multiple ways to show your pet some love.

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Ready to dive into the top 8 ways to love your pet? Let’s get started!

1. More Toys = More Love

No matter how old or young, your pet will always be a kid at heart. Make your pet’s day by adding a fun new toy to their collection! Pets don’t need anything too fancy - simple chew toys, ladders, or more balls are all classic options. When picking new toys, avoid soft rubber and small objects to prevent possible choking hazards.

2. Spend Quality Time with Them

How do you show your pet they’re the apple of your eye? Through undivided attention, of course! With busy days and lengthy to-do lists, it can be difficult to find time to slow down, but your animal lives for your love and care! Even if you only have five to ten minutes to spare, spend it with your pet. Careful cuddles, periods of exploration outside of their cage, or even simply spending time by their side are all ways to help your fluffy friend recognize your love and care.

3. Let Them Explore

No pet likes to be cooped up all day! Give your animal a chance to explore outside of its cage on a daily basis. Exercise is also essential for your pet’s health, meaning their little legs need to get some mojo going. When letting your small pet wander, be sure they are in an enclosed area and are watched at all times. Especially with hamsters and our other teeny-tiny friends, it’s easy for them to scamper into small spaces at rapid speeds! To avoid any hamsters breaking loose, set up a tall plastic playpen for safe exploration.

4. Attend to Their Sweet Tooth

Did someone say dessert? Well, maybe not dessert - but what pet doesn’t appreciate a tasty treat? Just like us, your pet has a sweet tooth and will never say no to a healthy, yummy snack. Veggies and dried fruits can be great treats, but each pet is different, so remember to opt for treats that suit their regular diet.

5. Pamper Them

Besides exciting treats and toys, what’s your pet’s health like? Show your pet you love them with regular wellness checks. Always be sure to watch over your animal’s eyes, ears, and nails for any signs of substandard health. Depending on the animal, frequent grooming is also a factor of maintenance and care. Typically for bunnies, long-haired rabbits need brushing daily while short-haired rabbits need attention at least twice a week.

6. Feed Them Natural, Quality Hay

The key to your animal’s heart is through its stomach. Your pet is worth the good stuff - when buying feed for your pet, always opt for natural, organic hay. With the help of Andy’s top-quality Timothy and Alfalfa hay, your pet will surely know you love them. If you really want to send your pet over the moon, give our Andy-Pak Feeder Boxes a try! Designed to hang in your animal’s enclosure, our feeder boxes are a mess-free option and are completely safe for your pet to chew on. It’s truly a win-win for both you and your pet.

7. Handle with Care

You can’t go wrong with cuddles, can you? Depending on the pet, some of our fur babies aren’t the biggest huggers. When handling your pet, remember to be gentle - and always remind visitors or children to be cautious when playing with your animal. Sometimes, the best option is simply stroking your pet’s back, rather than picking them up and disturbing their current calm. Remember: Care can be shown by giving your pet needed space, and time away from the action. 

8. Create A Happy Home

Help your pet feel at home with premium bedding for their habitats. A comfortable environment is more than necessary for your pet’s happiness and overall health. With the help of kiln-dried wood bedding for elevated freshness or wood pellets for easier cleanup, your fur baby will be elated with their new, cozy abode.

Bring the Love with Andy

By following our simple tips and lovey tricks, your pet will be head over heels for you in no time! If you’re curious about helping your animal grow happy and healthy with natural feed, be sure to give Andy Hay a try! Not sure if our hay is the right fit for your bunny, hamster, or small pet? No worries! With our sample and snack sizes of hay, pellets, and Andy-Paks, you can be sure you’re making the best decision for your pet. Before you leave, don’t forget to enter our Some Bunny Loves You Giveaway to earn Andy Hay discount codes and the chance to win natural hay, toys, and more! Check out our website for a sneak peak of all your possible winnings.

Through Andy’s social media, Molly brings her heart for high-quality hay and an authentic passion to create a real community that celebrates everyday people and their pets.

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